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Are you sleeping well?

Are you sleeping like a baby?

Or are you having trouble sleeping in this heat? When your muscles are relaxed, it makes it easier for you to relax enough to fall asleep. Tame those frayed nerves,Fotolia 46412392 XS, and book in for a treatment today?


What do you think of our new A-Frame? We're very happy with it, and want to thank The Image Hub for all their hard work in printing and delivering it!

Let me know which side is your favourite?

 Bowen Aframe Chronic Bowen AFrame List

If you have a QR scanner on your phone you can scan the barcode and see where it goes! 

Book Online Now

Book Online Now!

How would you like to be able to book an appointment in your own time? Well now you can, with the booking system we have on our website. It's even hooked up to paypal so you can pay online too, if you like. 

Blue Rose Bowen Therapy will not be taking new clients for the short term.

book now

Changes coming

We are currently making some big changes in our business. We will soon be selling Bowen's Home Remedies, along with the spikey balls, and we're also making changes with the website. We hope to share these exciting changes with you soon!

Christmas 2013 Hours

Christmas Hours
If you have any aches and pains that you would like sorted out before the new year then you'd best book in ASAP!
The center will be closed Christmas Eve, and will re-open on the 2nd.

Tuesday 17th 9.00 - 5.00
Wednesday 18th 9.00 - 6.00
Thursday 19th 9.00 - 7.00
Monday 23rd 9.00 - 5.00

Thursday 2nd 9.00 - 7.00
Monday 6th 9.00 - 5.00

If required, 8.30 starts are possible too. Bookings are required for appointments.

Good Health

Give the gift of good health

Do you know anyone that would benefit from a Bowen treatment?
Gift vouchers are now available for Christmas.
And we have also received a new shipment of spiky balls, which are perfect for helping ease shoulder pain or foot pain! They are usually 2 for $30, but for December only, there is a special on for 4 for $50, so you can buy some for a friend or loved one! We also have Bowen's home remedies, which we can make into gift boxes for chirstmas.
Please call (03) 5364 2935 if you would like to buy some.

Sleep Better

Beware Anti-Sleeping Pills

How is your sleep pattern? I just read a fantastic article in an old copy of Readers Digest I found in the lunch room.
Deeper Sleep Tips.
I believe that sleep has such a profound affect on the body's ability to heal, and while nearly all of you say that Bowen helps you sleep better, there are some of you that still struggle. Often it's those that struggle Chronic pain that have the worst sleep. I just read an amazing quote here "Beware Anti-Sleeping Pills: A lot of people take bedtime pain relievers that contain caffeine and don't even realise it. If you take two, that's as much as a cup of coffee. - Jan Engle, Pharmacist."

I would recommend reading all 32 of the tips, as they are very interesting. Click here to read it online, or copy and  paste this address into your browser.  http://www.rd.com/slideshows/the-essential-guide-to-deeper-sleep#slideshow=slide1

Bowen Skeptics

As many of you might know, when I had my first encounter with Bowen, I was a skeptic. But after my second treatment,  when my back was in less pain than it had been for years, I decided that it worked pretty well! When I started  studying Bowen Therapy, both my dad and my sister were very skeptical, until they had really experienced how wonderful the effects of Bowen are. Pain free without painkillers! All it took was one move on Dad's spasming back and he was sold.  Below I have included a link from another skeptic, Isabel Bird, as she writes about her experiences with Bowen Therapy. 

Bowen therapy skeptic amazed at its benefits.