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Ballarat to hold first Bowen presentation for the inaugural International Bowen week.

Ballarat will be one of the first places in the world to celebrate the Inaugural International Bowen week.

On the 15th of April 2014, at 5.30pm, a one hour talk with Industry specialists Susan Nicholls and Kate Merritt will be held at ACU Aquinas Campus, 1200 Mair St, to explain how Bowen Therapy works and the variety of problems it can address.

Thomas Ambrose Bowen developed Bowen Therapy in Geelong during the 1950’s. Many people in Ballarat went to see him, and personally know the amazing healing effect he had on the thousands that came to see him.  

Kate Merritt of Blue Rose Bowen Therapy states “I get fantastic results for back problems, migraine and asthma, however people are surprised to learn Bowen can also treat things like carpal tunnel, reproductive issues, and hay fever.”  

“Even long term problems can have amazing results after a few sessions,“  says Susan Nicholls of Classic Bowen Ballarat.

Bowen is moving from an alternative therapy to one that more and more people in Ballarat are now trusting and getting great results from. It’s a non-invasive, safe way to get effective pain treatment, and it works well on muscular-skeletal problems however it treats much more than muscle pain.

Come and discover how Tom Bowen created Bowen Therapy and how it can be used to treat anyone from children and pregnant women to seniors.

The presentation will be free event, please RSVP to Blue Rose Bowen Therapy on 0427 588 851