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Sleep Better

Beware Anti-Sleeping Pills

How is your sleep pattern? I just read a fantastic article in an old copy of Readers Digest I found in the lunch room.
Deeper Sleep Tips.
I believe that sleep has such a profound affect on the body's ability to heal, and while nearly all of you say that Bowen helps you sleep better, there are some of you that still struggle. Often it's those that struggle Chronic pain that have the worst sleep. I just read an amazing quote here "Beware Anti-Sleeping Pills: A lot of people take bedtime pain relievers that contain caffeine and don't even realise it. If you take two, that's as much as a cup of coffee. - Jan Engle, Pharmacist."

I would recommend reading all 32 of the tips, as they are very interesting. Click here to read it online, or copy and  paste this address into your browser.  http://www.rd.com/slideshows/the-essential-guide-to-deeper-sleep#slideshow=slide1